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Nigerian Musician Portable Voices Concerns Amid Alleged EFCC Arrest Threat

In a recent Instagram live session, Nigerian music sensation Portable has raised concerns about an alleged plan by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to apprehend him upon his return to Nigeria.

Renowned for chart-toppers like “Zazu,” Portable disclosed feeling singled out after self-proclaimed social media activist VeryDarkMan called for the agency to probe Portable for purportedly mishandling the Naira.

During the live session on Friday, April 19, 2024, Portable directly addressed VeryDarkMan, expressing trepidation. “I am apprehensive. The EFCC is allegedly plotting my arrest upon my return to Nigeria because VeryDarkMan implicated me,” he stated. He further questioned VeryDarkMan’s authority to interject in public matters, suggesting that such issues should be left to law enforcement.

The musician’s statements illuminate the escalating tension enveloping his circumstances, as fans and followers anxiously anticipate unfolding events. Amid swirling speculation about the purported EFCC investigation, Portable’s unease underscores the grave repercussions he might encounter should the inquiry come to fruition.

Portable’s remarks were tinged with worry as he pondered the potential repercussions of the investigation. He also cast doubt on VeryDarkMan’s credibility, alluding to an unspecified past incident where he asserted that Nigerians had intervened to secure the activist’s freedom.

The unfolding narrative holds the intrigue of how this situation will progress, as both Portable and VeryDarkMan maneuver through the intricacies of their public images amidst legal and social media scrutiny.

“VeryDarkMan abi VeryDarkBrain, you talk too much. Leave talk for people who have something reasonable to say. Are you a law enforcement officer? Your opinions on public affairs are for people in the law enforcement agencies. When you were arrested it was Nigerians who begged for your freedom. When you came out, you were lean; all your muscles disappeared. And now you’re bragging. Leave talk for people who are sensible. You talk about women, politics, everything. What do you do for a living? Tok tok,” he added.

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