Who Is Elizabeth Salgado? Missing Case Update, Help Post On Facebook

The missing instance of a Mexican lady Elizabeth Delgado, who was most recently seen alive in April 2015 at a language school in Utah, still can’t seem to be tackled. Her remaining parts were tracked down later in 2018 in a ravine in Utah County.

It has proactively been a long time since the vanishing of the 26-year-old, however her family is still without replies to who murdered their little girl. The case is quite possibly of the longest dynamic case in Utah County.

The guardians as of late posted a 2-minute video on Facebook with an interest for the data prompting the catch of their little girl’s killer.

Who Is Elizabeth Delgado? Missing Case Update Elizabeth Salgado disappeared from Nomen Global Language School, Orem, Utah, around mid-afternoon, April 16, 2015. Following three years of secret, her remaining parts were tracked down in a gully in Utah County in 2018.

Salgado moved to Provo, Utah, from Mexico only three weeks before she vanished. She went to Nomen Global Language School to learn English in the wake of serving a mission with the LDS Church.

A $15,000 reward was presented for data driving on tackling the case. After a broad inquiry by the police from the US to Mexico, no lead was tracked down on the missing Elizabeth Delgado.

The remaining parts of Salgado were found in Hobble Creek Canyon east of Springdale in June 2018. Two anonymous individuals were thought by the investigators exploring the demise.

The clinical analyst has still not decided Salgado’s reason for death. Her bones had been there for a long while and decayed totally, which made it hard to grasp how she died.

Elizabeth Delgado Parents Help Post On Facebook Following seven years of her vanishing and four years of her remaining parts being found, Elizabeth Delgado’s family has still not figured out how she died or the justification behind her homicide.

Her folks took on to Facebook to post a two-minute video to interest the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for the conclusion of the instance of their girl’s homicide. They talked in Spanish and mentioned an alternate DNA lab to look at the remaining parts of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s mom said another lab in Salt Lake County had proposed to do a legal report, so they needed to surrender the remaining parts to them. Nonetheless, the greater part of her remaining parts were returned by Utah County to the family for entombment. Elizabeth’s femur that the family had kept contained just her DNA.

La madre de Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado relató que su hija se fue a estudiar inglés a Utah y, a menos de un mes de su llegada, desapareció; fue encontrada muerta tres años después.

— Publimetro México (@PublimetroMX) July 13, 2022

The dad closed the video with an enticement for illuminate them or the police assuming that anybody knew something about the case. Till now, the case has not been settled, and the killer of Elizabeth Delgado stays at large.

Elizabeth Delgado Age Wiki And Family At the hour of her vanishing in April 2015, Elizabeth Delgado was 26 years of age. She as of late moved from Mexico to Utah to concentrate on the English language.

Elizabeth’s folks, who are as yet living in Mexico, are uncertain who murdered their little girl. Not much data about them is accessible on the web. They here and there make their allure by means of virtual entertainment.

However the vanishing of Elizabeth Delgado was tackled following three years when her remaining parts were found in a gully, the specific killers are as yet not distinguished, and nothing driving the specialists to them has yet been found.

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