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 Influencer Saida BOJ Calls for Release of Verydarkman – Cyberbullying Controversy

Renowned social media personality and influencer, Saida BOJ, is using her platform to advocate for the release of the controversial activist known as Verydarkman. The influencer’s plea comes in the wake of Verydarkman’s reported arrest in Abuja on allegations of cyberbullying directed towards Tonto Dikeh.

Saida BOJ, a well-known figure in the online community, has publicly expressed her desire for the authorities to grant Verydarkman his freedom.

It has been reported that Verydarkman, a prominent social media figure, was detained in Abuja following accusations of cyberbullying aimed at Tonto Dikeh.

In her appeal, Saida BOJ acknowledges the contentious nature of Verydarkman’s actions but emphasizes that abandoning him in detention is not the solution. She likens the situation to that of a troublesome family member who cannot simply be cast aside.

She earnestly implores those in power to consider releasing Verydarkman from custody.

Reactions to Saida BOJ’s plea have flooded social media platforms:

@yomide__xx_ penned: “If he come out now he go still insult you for this video wey you do!!! Make he stay there till December for the sake of Christmas, make dem release am”

@an_na_bella11 wrote: “Whatever you do, no allow them arrest you on Friday”

@ekua_paulla said: “My own be say why Bob Risky dey behave like he’s untouchable????? He’s been doing all this nonsense for years , is Nigerian police saying them never see ???? Abi they wan use VeryDarkMan as scapegoat cuz E reach to say what he said …. #freeverydarkmannow”

@florishbaba remarked: “He was arrested on Friday just to make him look weak lol he’s coming out tomorrow”

The online community continues to engage in discussions surrounding Verydarkman’s arrest and the call for his release initiated by Saida BOJ.

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