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Clarifying Wizkid’s Statement on Afrobeats: Joeboy Weighs In

Afropop sensation Joeboy sheds light on the recent remarks made by Ayodeji “Wizkid” Balogun regarding Afrobeats, suggesting that they were misinterpreted.

Wizkid made headlines with his declaration that he does not wish to be categorized as an Afrobeats artist. This revelation came during the announcement of his forthcoming album, “Morayo,” named in honor of his late mother.

Expressing his artistic evolution, Wizkid emphasized a departure from his previous sound, urging fans not to expect the familiar Afrobeats vibe in his upcoming release. He went as far as advising fans who preferred his earlier style to abstain from downloading his new album.

In a discussion on Cool FM’s Big Friday Day Show with host Tacha, Joeboy came to Wizkid’s defense, suggesting that the essence of his statement had been misconstrued. Contrary to widespread belief, Joeboy asserted that Wizkid’s intention was not to distance himself from Afrobeats but rather to avoid being confined within its boundaries.

Joeboy clarified, “Wizkid’s statement is being misunderstood; he is not shunning Afrobeats. All we are saying is our identity is Afrobeats, but please don’t confine us because we can explore other genres of music too.”

In essence, Joeboy’s perspective offers a nuanced understanding of Wizkid’s stance, highlighting the artist’s desire for creative freedom without being pigeonholed by any particular genre.

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