The Piper’s Call Lyrics by David Gilmour

“The Piper’s Call” by David Gilmour offers a melodic journey through enchanting rhythms. Gilmour’s lyrical prowess shines in this haunting tune, blending folk-inspired melodies with his signature guitar mastery. Achieving critical acclaim, it captivates audiences worldwide with its emotive storytelling. Originating from England, Gilmour’s musical legacy resonates across generations, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder with every note.

The Piper’s Call Lyrics

Take these binds everlasting
Can’t undo the voodoo that you do
And the knots that we fasten
Will not work themselves loose

Whatever it takes
Steer clear of the snakes

The road to hell is paved with gold, they’ll tell you
All the things that you don’t need, they’ll sell you

Your conscience uncontrolled
And beauty to behold
The promise of eternal youth
The spoils of fame, a carpe diem attitude

The flames are high, the piper’s call, contagious
A fixer who will numb your pain, and strangeness

The wheels are hot, the hangover outrageous
The stealer he will trade your soul for favours

But you’ll reap what you sow
As I found long ago
The promise of eternal youth
The spoils of fame, a carpe diem attitude

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