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Chess Maestro Tunde Onakoya Smashes World Record with Marathon Session

Tunde Onakoya recently broke the world record for the longest continuous chess marathon. He played for 58 hours straight, without losing a single game. His goal was to raise $1 million to have a transformative impact on the lives of children in Nigeria.

Tunde Onakoya, a Nigerian chess master, has successfully set a new world record for the longest continuous chess marathon after playing non-stop for an incredible 58 hours. The event took place in the heart of New York City’s Times Square and saw Onakoya beat the previous record held by Iranian chess player, Pouya Idani, who had played for 57 hours and 18 minutes.

During the marathon, the 30-year-old grandmaster played non-stop without a single loss and is now looking to extend the record even further. Onakoya’s remarkable achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that he was attempting to raise $1 million through the world record attempt. The funds raised from this incredible feat will be used to make a transformative impact on the lives of countless children in Nigeria.

Onakoya has gained a reputation for his philanthropic work, particularly his efforts to provide underprivileged children with access to the game of chess. He has been working tirelessly to promote chess as a tool for social change in Nigeria, and his success in breaking the world record has brought even more attention to his cause.

As a chess master, Onakoya is currently ranked 25,863rd in the world by the International Chess Federation, and his success in both chess and philanthropy is an inspiration to all. He made the confirmation of the new record in a post on his social media platform which read, “WE HAVE DONE IT, We’re pushing to 60 hours guys. We’re not stopping yet. Let’s keep going. We have a fundraising goal to meet for the education of African children around the world. This is our why – the reason we are doing this.”

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