Babyboy Jood Opens Up About Pain and Vulnerability in Emotional Track ‘Far Away’

In the world of music, heartbreak often serves as the catalyst for some of the most powerful and emotional songs. For Babyboy Jood, his latest release delves deep into the pain and vulnerability of a love lost. Titled “Far Away” this heartfelt tune captures the raw emotions of heartbreak and the journey towards healing.

The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of a relationship that once held promise but ultimately ended in heartache. Babyboy Jood pours his soul into each note, conveying the pain of betrayal and moving on. 

In a recent interview, Babyboy Jood whose real name is Onovwakpor Jude Vikoson shared the inspiration behind “Far Away”, revealing that it was based on his own personal experience of enjoying the beautiful feeling of love and it’s risks.

The lyrics of “Far Away” while painting a vivid picture of the artist’s emotions and experiences is also incredibly danceable, with a catchy beat and infectious rhythm that will have listeners tapping their feet and swaying along. 

It’s the perfect combination of love and groove, making it a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced the pain of lost love.

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Babyboy Jood is a versatile singer and Songwriter and record producer. He released his first body of work titled ‘My body’ in 2021 which was a smash Amapiano hit song that quickly gained him recognition around the African music industry. 

Listen to ‘Far Away’ here

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