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Ancelotti’s Celebration Plans Revealed: “I’ll Mark the Title Win with a Cigar and Shades”

Real Madrid’s Head Coach, Carlo Ancelotti, shared his post-match thoughts following a resounding 4-0 victory over Granada in La Liga. Addressing queries about the upcoming title celebration at Cibeles, Ancelotti disclosed his straightforward celebratory plans: “More or less like last year, with a cigar and my sunglasses.”

Ancelotti on Team Performance

Expressing satisfaction with his “B” team’s performance, Ancelotti remarked positively on the competitive spirit, quality display, and teamwork. Notably, he praised Courtois and Militão’s progress, emphasizing the importance of a fully fit squad for the upcoming challenges, particularly the fixture at Wembley.

On Kylian Mbappé Speculations

When questioned about Kylian Mbappé, Ancelotti brushed off speculations, emphasizing the immediate focus on upcoming matches and celebrations with the fans. He reiterated the team’s clarity of purpose until the looming deadline of June 1st.

Response to Macron’s Remarks on Mbappé and Olympics

Ancelotti refrained from commenting on President Macron’s remarks, stating that he lacked the authority to do so.

Outlook on Modrić and Kroos

Ancelotti highlighted Modrić and Kroos’s enthusiasm for contributing to the team’s success and their singular focus on winning the fifteenth.

Rotation Policy for Courtois and Militão

Regarding Courtois and Militão’s involvement in upcoming fixtures, Ancelotti adopted a cautious approach, indicating the need to evaluate Militão’s recovery before making decisions. He stressed Courtois’s necessity for regular game time.

Assessment of Arda Güler’s Potential

While acknowledging Arda Güler’s promising talent, Ancelotti maintained reservations due to his youth. Nevertheless, he commended Güler’s effectiveness, speed, and natural ability.

Message to Granada Fans

Ancelotti offered words of encouragement to Granada fans, urging them to view defeat as an opportunity for future improvement. He acknowledged their passionate support and encouraged perseverance in their bid to return to the top flight.

Surprises of the Season

Reflecting on standout performers, Ancelotti highlighted Brahim’s significant role among returning players. He also lauded the contributions of newcomers such as Joselu and Fran García, whose impact, particularly in goal-scoring, has been pivotal to the team’s current success.

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